8th, 9th, 10th Grades

Period 1 

Qur’an – One Ruku at a Time

The focus in this course is on developing a close, personal, relevant relationship with the Qur’an, passage by passage.  This class will be taught by Omer Mozaffer. 8th – 10th Grades, Period 1

Period 2 (Choose 1)

Qirat/Learning to Lead Salat

This class is for students who know how to pray. This class trains the student to recite the Azan, the Iqama, and prepare inspiring Khutbas. Also covered in this class is a unit on special prayers such as Namaz e Janaza, Eid, etc.  8th – 10th Grades, Period 2, Advanced level class.

Rotating Elective Block:  Lessons of Imam Al-Ghazali, Art and Architecture of the Islamic World, Islamic History, Muslim Narratives/Writing 8th – 10th Grades, Period 2

Quarter 1:  Lessons of Imam Al-Ghazali

Quarter 2:  Art and Architecture of the Islamic World

Quarter 3: Islamic History (including prominent periods after the Khulafa Ar-Rashidoon)

Quarter 4: Muslim Narratives/Writing

Islam 101

For those students who feel that they would benefit from a refresher course to re-emphasize some of the basic themes and ideas of Islam. This course builds a solid foundation or improves on it to create an even stronger base from which to better understand the other classes offered. 8th – 10th Grades, Period 2

Period 3 (Choose 1)

Production Theater

Students will create an Islamic-themed play from start to finish.  This includes writing, building the props, sewing costumes and acting!  The final performance will be held at the Mother’s Day Brunch.  8th – 10th Grades, Period 3

Critical Learning (English/Math Enrichment)

Practice for the ACTs, SATs, and PSATs. This class will be divided into two semesters, one for Math enrichment and one for English enrichment which includes critical reading, vocabulary enrichment, and writing skills. 8th – 10th Grades, Period 3