5th, 6th, 7th Grades

Period 1 (Choose 1)

Conversational Urdu 2

This class will continue to develop conversational Urdu from the previous course, Conversational Urdu 1. Children will learn grammar and enrich their vocabulary through fun and interactive activities. 5th – 7th Grades, Period 1

Rotating Elective Block: Improv, Muslim Heroes,  Islam’s Contributions to Science, Green Deen 5th – 7th Grades, Period 1

Quarter 1:  Improv Theater

Quarter 2:  Muslim Heroes – Children will learn about historical and contemporary Muslim role models.  The final projects will be “Hall of Fame” presentations of their Muslim heroes by students.

Quarter 3:  Islam’s Contributions to Science

Quarter 4:  Green Deen – “The earth is a mosque.”  This class will cover the book, The Green Deen, by Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, which develops an environmental consciousness in young Muslims.

Critical Learning (English/Math Enrichment)

Middle school is the time to lay foundation for the ACTs, SATs, and PSATs. This class will be divided into two semesters, one for Math enrichment and one for English enrichment which includes critical reading, vocabulary enrichment, and writing skills. 5th – 7th Grades, Period 1

Period 2

Islamic Studies

The age-appropriate Weekend Learning Series: Islamic Studies textbook is used in this class to develop a solid foundation in Islamic knowledge as well as Islamic history.  5th – 7th Grades, Period 2

Period 3 (Choose 1)

Tajweed & Memorization of Surahs with Meaning

This is an advanced level class for students who are already reading Arabic fluently or who have finished reading the Qur’an. Children will learn tajweed and intensive surah memorization with meaning.  5th – 7th Grades, Period 3,  Advanced level class. Entrance Exam Required. 

Arabic Flex-Learn

Students will learn to read Arabic, increase Arabic fluency, and memorize short surahs and understand their meanings. This class will use the textbook Quran Made Easy to teach the children to learn the alphabet, join letters and pronunciation. Also, children will be expected to memorize a few ayats from weekly.  5th – 7th Grades, Period 3

Islam 101

For those students who feel that they would benefit from a refresher course to re-emphasize some of the basic themes and ideas of Islam. This course builds a solid foundation or improves on it to create an even stronger base from which to better understand the other classes offered.  5th – 7th Grades, Period 3