2nd, 3rd, 4th Grades

Period 1 (Choose 1)

Conversational Urdu 1

The emphasis in this class is basic conversational Urdu.  The children will learn basic grammar and enrich their vocabulary through fun and interactive activities. 2nd – 4th Grades, Period 1 


Nasheed is Islamic vocal music that is sung or accompanied by percussion instruments.  Children will learn to sing nasheeds which make reference to Islamic beliefs and history. 2nd – 4th Grades, Period 1

Rotating Elective Block:  Fitness/Archery, Jr. Chefs, Islam’s Contributions to Science, Character Counts  2nd – 4th Grades, Period 1

Quarter 1:  Fitness/Archery – The children will participate in this fun fitness activity, all while making friends and learning about teamwork.

Quarter 2:  Jr. Chefs – Students in this class will learn how to cook basic foods from around the Islamic world. They will be able to take their creations home as a treat for their family!

Quarter 3:  Islam’s Contributions to Science – Students will travel back in time and explore scientific contributions made by Muslims. We will research past discoveries and learn of their importance in modern day society. The students will take part in weekly experiments and create art projects corresponding to each discovery.

Quarter 4:  Character Counts – Students will learn about the six ethical values universal to society: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. They will explore each of these standards of character through the lens of Islam, supported by references from the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Period 2

Qur’an Made Easy

Students will learn to read Arabic, increase Arabic fluency, and memorize short surahs and understand their meanings.  This class will use the textbook Quran Made Easy to teach the children to learn the alphabet, join letters and pronunciation. Also, children will be expected to memorize a few ayats on a weekly basis.  2nd – 4th Grades, Period 2

Period 3

Islamic Studies

Using the IQRA’ International Education Foundation, We Are Muslim textbook and workbooks, this course provide age appropriate Islamic lessons. Children will develop a solid foundation in Islamic knowledge.  2nd – 4th Grades, Period 3