Early Childhood, Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st Grade

Early Childhood

This is new to MLA this year and is limited to the first 8 children (ages 2-3) enrolled. Parent(s) must be available on school premises at all times if your child is placed in this class. Early Childhood, Periods 1-3


Arabic Immersion

The children will learn the Arabic language fundamentals in a fun and interactive way. The course will include learning the Arabic alphabet, Arabic numbers, and basic vocabulary in catergories such as colors, shapes, and animals. The children will memorize short surahs.  They will also enjoy story time, learning Nasheed (Arabic songs), watching movies in Arabic and other activities.  Pre-K/Kindergarten, Periods 1-3

1st Grade

Stories of the Prophets (S) through Arts and Crafts

Creativity helps to foster a deep connection with tradition. This class is an innovative style of learning the stories of the Prophets from the Qur’an and expressing them in forms of art such as painting/coloring, dioramas, etc. For example, by making the environment of a desert in a box, the children understand the surroundings in which Prophet Muhammed (S) was born. 1st Grade, Period 1

Arabic Studies

Students will build on the fundamentals of Arabic, by learning the basics of Arabic reading, vowels, joining letters, etc.  1st Grade, Period 2

Islamic Studies

Students will be taught from the IQRA’ International Education Foundation textbook, We Are Muslims for Grade 1 and workbook. Both are part of the Aqidah, Fiqh, and Akhlaq syllabus. This class will provide interesting and motivating activities intended to teach lessons of the universal values of Islam.  1st Grade, Period 3